Pay Per Click Advertising

Gift shoppers are asking us for gift ideas.  We provide our merchants with an audience of people that are actively looking to purchase a gift.
We provide targeted gift shoppers.  We can target gifts by gender, age, price, gift type, occasion, sentiment and holiday.  Your product(s) are the perfect gift for someone, we find that someone.
We show more information upfront BEFORE a click-through occurs.  Because listings come with product pictures and descriptions, your visitors are pre-qualified gift shoppers who have already shown an active interest in your product.
With our program you pay a flat-fee per click-through.  No more busting your budget on sites that auction off their positioning.  At, we rank products based on their popularity with our audience, not by bid.
Our program is low maintenance.  No more checking and adjusting your bids on a daily basis.  Since we rank products by popularity, you can put your products into our system and let our software find the places where your listings generate the most interest.
With our merchant area you have control over your listings.  Our merchant area allows you to easily edit and rotate your product listings allowing you to feature your seasonal or promotional items.  You can review your click-through statistics on a per product basis.  For ad agencies, we can consolidate your clients into one account so you can easily manage all of your clients.
You own the customer.  We send the gift shopper directly to your web site to make the purchase.  Thus, you own the customer.  You get the repeat visits and repeat purchases.  You get the word of mouth referrals from people who buy your products.
We are experienced in Internet marketing. We have seen and learned much since opening our doors in 1997. We will work with you and apply our knowledge to determine the best way to leverage our marketing services.


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